Saturday, February 11, 2006


In 1978 I bought a car that would have made most men cry. It was a 1975 Nova SS. It had the back jacked up, 14 inch wide tires, an American big block 450 engine, a Holly double-pumper carberator and enough "giddy-up" to leave a Corvet behind. I know. The guys who read this probably are thinking, "She tries so hard to sound like she knows what she's talking about." I don't really. I was told that it had all this by the dealer from Ens Toyota used cars. He really bragged up the car and told me the engine was in great shape and, well ... you know how that shpeel goes. I wasn't very happy at all when I found out all the problems this car had. I think the most amazing part of this car is that my Dad co-signed for it.
Anyway. I started working in Carrot River at a children's home while I had this car. I would start out from the farm with the gas tank and the oil topped up and drive as far as P.A. and there would stop at a gas station and get 2 l's of oil. By the time I got to Carrrot River I would have to add oil again. I drove this car for a year and then decided to trade it in for something smaller and more economical, so of course went back to Ens Toyota. Even though the car had more problems than a math text book, I loved it. However, I couldn't think of anyone I would rather sell the car to than the crook who slod it to me so I drove it to Ens and traded it in on a brand ne Carolla and sadly let my car go.
About a month after the trade in I drove by their used car lot and saw my Nova sitting on the lot. The same sailsman who sold it to me was now showing it to a young man and his father. I drove up and walked over. At first I just showed interest in the car as a perspective buyer, asking the dealer some very pointed questions like, "doesn't a big engine like that use alot of oil?" and "How good is the engine." and pretty much sounding like I knew nothing about cars. He kept bragging it up and finally I thought he had swallowed enough of the hook. I told the perspective buyers that I used to own this car and that I really loved it, but that they should be careful of this dealer since he didn't seem to know very much about how cars should work. The dealer had already started the car, but I knew that if you pumped the gas once before starting it up it would send out a huge cloud of smoke and back-fire at least twice before settling down to run. I asked the dealer if it still used as much oil as it had a month ago. He said they had completly rebuilt the engine after I traded it. I asked him if I could start it up, but didn't wait for an answer. I got in, pumped it once, and started it up. I belched out this huge cloud of smoke, back-fired once, and stalled. I got out and said, "Hmmm. I wonder if you people need to hire new mechanics or maybe new car dealers. I smiled and went back to my car. The man and his son walked away laughing and the dealer just stood there stunned. I felt so good.
I'm not sure if this was the revenge story you were talking about or not John, but I couldn't think of any other time when revenge tasted sweeter. If I do, I'll post again.


Carol said...

Oh, it's nice to hear that a Used Car salesman got his own back. Way to go !!

John said...

...see I just wanted to know if other people besides me got such satisfaction out of putting the screws to someone when they had been done dirt. Guess I still haven't reached that state of grace yet.

Avaelyn said...

Those hoser used car salesmen!! That's awesome that you did that... When I get a good revenge story, I'll post one, because to this day, I don't really have a good one... This is a good one!!