Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I Love Becky!

Becky has saved me from blogger boredom. I have a new home, or my blog does. I should have sent her my log-in info months ago. Isn't it awesome? The Braun Bunch with a bunch of bananas. It fits our whole family, but I like it for just mine.Thank you Becky for my new and very vibrant blog. Not only did I get this awesome new blog, but I got to chat with Becky and with Ben. He is so cute on the phone. He even said "I love you" to me. I just wanted to squish him.
I'm not sure how old Becky is in this picture, but I just thought that I should give her some kind of pay for this new blog. Ang, you just get to sit there and look cute. Do you still do that?


Sue said...

Great new blog. I especially like the bananas and the fact that you all are just a little bit bananas. It is what makes you such a great family.
Good job Becky.

Toad said...


footsack said...

That is a cute picture. I absolutely LOVE the blog. It's so simple and clean looking and it suits you so well.
Becky you are amazing! I mean that. You could do mine anytime you wanted.

Becky said...

Hey. What happened to my comment? Weird.

Anyways. Aunty Mitz. You have computer geniuses all around you! Why would you want me to do it? Seriously. I make a blog, it's a picture and some boxes. Carrie makes works of ART and I'm pretty sure you have some children that could make you a blog that would rock over anything I could do! That being said, if you want me to, I can. I like doing it. And I like you. So... I will, but... If I were you I'd pick someone else.

Carol said...

Great new blog. Totally love it. And it's great to post old pictures. Hard to believe that Ang and Becky are all grown up, and not kids any more. Man Margaret, you are getting old. :)

Avaelyn said...

Hey, I love the new blog. The banana thing is a fabulous idea. Braun bunch. Bunch of bananas. Genius, I tell you. I love Becky, too. :D Becky... *blush* thanks for the compliment. But I like your blog designs! They're nice and simple and clean. And I like the concepts. They're great.