Friday, February 09, 2007

Praise the Lord and Halleluya!

I have my car back. Thank God for honest mechanics. Mine is not only honest, but he is letting me take my car and paying him next week. Here's what he fixed. Most of this won't mean a thing to most of you women, but trust me. He did this all very cheaply. Not all of it was from the accident, but it all needed to be done.
First the wheel I smashed up. $320 - parts and labor.
Whole new exhaust system. $140 - parts and labor
Catelitic converter. $135 - parts and labor
New battery. $85
Towing the car to his place2o kms away. $60
So the total for my car was $740.
This might sound like a lot of money to spend on a 14 year old car, but he said the compression was good and that it could easily last for another year. The way I look at it is that I paid $600 for the car 14 months ago. I have put about $1000 into it over that time including what I just had done. So now I have a really good beater that has cost me about $130 a month for car payments and I have a car for possibly another year or more and no car payments. I bet you couldn't buy a good car for that in too many places.
The best thing is, I don't have any car payments to make now. Well, OK. One big one, but now I have an 8 passenger car that runs great and that makes me feel pretty good. I did NOT want to go into debt.
Other than that, life is hectic, but good. I'm liking my job more every day and the adoption home study is almost done. I have been sick and coughing for 2 1/2 weeks now, but I haven't broken a rib like John has. Of course, I haven't had Mom and Dad bring me heina zup either. I'd make my own, but I can't have pasta for another 40 pounds so that would be kind of stupid. The broth tastes good, but heina zup without noodles? Not good. Also, we have had loads of rain and quite a bit of fog, but I can still go to work without going out to start my vehicle to warm up, or worse, plug it in for the night. I am not shovelling snow and it isn't -25 outside. So all in all, things are pretty peachy. The only thing that would make it pretty much great would be if all of you in Sask and Alberta would come out here this summer for a huge beach party. All 75 of us. We could rent the beach hut and put "Off limits" signs up. What a party!
So, that's it. God has answered my prayers about my car problems and life is good.


Carol said...

Good to her that your car is running great after all the repairs. It's good to know there are still some honest mechanics out there. I agree on getting all together for the beach get together. Possibly some time in Aug?

Anonymous said...

Great to hear some good new about your car. I pray that it will continue to serve you well for a long time to come. Now try to get rid of that cough.
Actually hienna zup without noodles is actually good, just drink it out of a cup and then you don't miss the noodles so much.
The family thing on the beach sounds good to us. Let us know when its happening. Have a great day!

Abe&Maggie said...

By the way that anonymus comment is from us Alberta people. I wasn't signed in so it just identified us as anonymous.

footsack said...

I totally agree on the summer shin dig at the beach hut. That would be awesome.
That is a very cheap car fix. Take it from someone who has spent $1,000.00's and then some on car repairs and still don't have a perfect car. You are lucky.

Toad said...

i'm glad your car is working for you again.

beach party hey?

Avaelyn said...

Oh, I'm so happy, Auntie Margaret! You sure haven't had very good luck with cars, but let's hope this one runs good for you for a while. :D

I agree. Everyone should come out here. You know, there is something neat happening in August that it would be great if everyone was together for, you know. *wink wink nudge nudge*

footsack said...

Now that her car is back, she has not time for family anymore. Just drive, drive, drive!!!

jude said...

I think you got off pretty good Margaret! I'm so glad to hear that it all worked out so well. The Lord does take care of His girls!! I love you and miss you!

Anonymous said...

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footsack said...

I know you just had two days off of school and no new post??
What the heck!!

footsack said...

Boy I wonder what nationality the guy was who wrote your anonymous post. Duh!!!