Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I Feel Scolded

I just read my sister-in-law's post and I feel like I should feel. Lazy about posting. I need a good scolding. Thanks, Chris. I agree with you about facebook. I still check my blogs every morning, but I never post. I just seems easier to check all the status reports, my email, and then play a quick game of Scrabulous before getting my girls up for school. So, I am going to do what Chris did. Random ranting.

1. What's up with people who demand that you meet them for an important "meeting" and then not show up for that very meeting. I hate that. My girls' birth mom set up this meeting for her and I to meet with the adoption worker, who had to come all the way from Campbell River, and told the social worker that this was an important meeting and could she please call and make sure that I knew how important it was. Then she doesn't show up! What's up with that? I hate stupid people.

2. Why do good people always get burned/used by their so-called friends. Tye had this friend, Eli, who has had a terrible childhood and has chosen to take that kind of life style right into adult hood. He is now 27 years and still always makes excuses for his bad choices. When I came home from Saskatchewan this past summer Eli was staying here because the last place he was staying, his best friend, had asked him to leave because Eli owed him quite a bit for room and board. Since Eli can't hold down a job, he wasn't paying anything. So I told li that he could sleep in the tent in the back yard and he had to pay at least $100.00 a week for groceries for a month until he could find a place to live.. He agreed and then ended up staying for 3 flipping months! then, when it got too clod in the tent at night he found a place to stay in the Old Dutch Inn down the street. That's when he borrowed $800.00 from Tye's student loan money for rent. Tye trusted him to pay it back in 3 installments. When I found out I was so upset. I knew he wouldn't pay it back and guess what? I was right. Not only did he not pay it back, but he didn't use it for rent either. As soon as Tye paid it he moved out and got the money back and disappeared. What a creep! I hate creeps!

3. This is not really a rant; more of an observation. I have noticed that when you smile at people they smile back, but the smile never reaches their eyes, but if you make eye contact for at least 5 seconds, smile and say "good morning/afternoon" or whatever, they actually smile. I also noticed that old people smile at you, really smile, much more often than young/middle aged people do. Maybe it's because they are no longer caught up in making something happen in their busy lives. They have time to stop and look out at the world and notice people. I love old people.

4. This weekend we had a storm go through and, apparently, it went all the way to Sask before it finally quit taking down trees and power lines. (I heard it on the news last night) Anyway, when the wind died down a bit I went down to the beach with a cup of coffee and a warm blanket. I sat on a log and sang some song, One Day At a Time, Homesick, I can only Imagine and some of the hymns we sang in the hospital. Then I prayed and cried and then I sang again, David's song for Dad. I was there for about an hour and when I got up to leave there was this old couple sitting on a bench behind me and the lady said, "Oh, are you leaving? We so enjoyed your singing. We got up to leave when you were praying, but then you sang again so we stayed. I hope you don't mind?" Of course I said no, I didn't mind. It felt a little weird, but I thought they were so sweet. Oh, and the waves were so big and crashed into the rocks at the edge of the beach. Later that afternoon I went back there with the girls and we fed seagulls bread that we threw up for them to catch. We also ran into the water and froze our feet, but we brought our good shoes to change into. What a great place to be. I love the Island.


Anonymous said...

Someday I want to visit and have a cup of tea and a long chat, just like we used to, and then a walk on the beach.
Somehow part 4 got me feeling nostalgic.

jude said...

There is nothing better in life then to have time with God, singing, crying and praying. I have felt better, and stronger for it, and a whole bunch closer to God. The older I get, the more I see how futile our running around is. Jesus is the first, saving souls second and Heaven, "alleluia" I am waiting for!!! I see my struggles more and more as gifts. God shows up in our pain and struggles, and loves us through them.
I say "amen" to the loving old people part!
Take care my friend!!

Becky said...

I hate stupid people too. I say it all the time. I consider it to be my mantra.

Christine said...

Way to the way that was a rant not a reprimand! Now if we can get Susan going again. Last time I checked she was still featuring the beach hut. I am sure she has moved on in life from there...I mean I know it is hard...very lovely place and all that. Hey Susan...Oh Susanna won't you blog to me? for free? Anybody got a good rhyme to go here?