Monday, January 28, 2008

Chris made me do it.

I am not the best blogger. This is evidenced by the time laps between my posts. I like doing it, but just can't seem to find the time. I have time for reading other blogs, but with blogger, Facebook and email, I just don't seem to have a lot of time for posting. But, Chris tagged me and that means I have to do this, goes.

Famous Singer - Micheal Jackson. Not much of a start to this list, but there are 19 more to go so I'm not going to hurt my brain this early in the show.

Four Letter Word - Mine. I hear this word quite a lot in my house. "Hey! that's mine! Give it to me." OK. I know this one is kinda lame, but you come up with something better.

Street - Memorial Ave. This is the street that runs right by my house on the way to the most amazing spot in all of Canada; the Beach Hut, which I hope opens in early March. I can't wait to sit on the deck with a coffee and a smokie smothered in sauteed onions and cheese. Their poutine are also totally amazing. Then there's the Screamers. A cold drink made of 1/4 slurpy and the rest is ice cream. They have over 30 flavors to chose from and my favorites are Black cherry and orange creamsicle. Oh man. I wish it was open right now. I would take a warm blanket and go there even if it's freezing outside.

Color - Magenta. All I can say is . . . phewey.

Gift/Present - Mini-van. Tye drives it because I like my Oldsmobile better. It was given to me by one of the teachers at my school. Donna Beauvette is the Special Ed teacher and she got a new van and heard that Tye needed a vehicle so she gave - yes, you heard right, gave - me her '91 Chrysler mini-van. It runs great and was well maintained.

Vehicle - See above. LOL Just kidding. Mercedes. I drive an Oldsmobile, but I dream it is a Mercedes. Then, when my car starts to go in the ditch I open my eyes and realize, it was only a dream.

Things In A Souvenir Shop - Marbles. I know you probably think this is lame, but I found a bag of marbles with a Canadian flag inside of them at a little shop here in Qualicum Beach. They were actually quite pretty.

Boy's Name - Micheal. I have always loved that name. Even if you shorten it to Mike, I still like it. Mickey Mouse Micheal the police man? Well.. still pretty cool.

Girl's Name - Mavis. I only ever knew 2 girls with that name. One was a girl from Langham school, whom I don't remember well enough to even remember her last name. Wait a minute. Her name was Avis Blushki. That means I only ever knew one Mavis. The one and only Mavis Braun. My cousin who went to be with the Lord. For all who were privileged enough to know her, she was amazing.

Movie Title - Maverick. A funny Western adventure with James Garner, Mel Gibson and Jody Foster.

Drink - What else would I say, but a Margarita. I don't like them much. I like a Monkey's Lunch. Banana liqueur, Kahlua and milk. You should try it.

Occupation - Musician. I love to sing (even though I'm not spectacular) and wish I knew how to play the piano.

Celebrity - Mel Gibson. I like that he doesn't get talked about a lot in all of those celebrity "rags". He's still married to the mother of his children and to my knowledge, has not had an affair. I'm sure that would be "news" in the Inquirer. Plus the "Passion Of The Christ".

Magazine - Mademoiselle. I have seen it on the racks, but have never read one.

City - Melbourne, Australia. One of the places in this world that I would like to visit some day. My first thought was to say Martensville, but I didn't know if a town would qualify. I would really like to visit there some day, also. :)

Sport - Mud Wrestling. This is a pretty poor excuse for a sport, but I challenge you to come up with something better.

Fruit - Mango. I don't eat them very often, but I do like them. Especially if they are the flavoring in a Screamer at the Beach Hut. Mmmm.

Reason For Being Late For Work - Migraine. I used to get them often when I was in my early twenties and then they stopped when I got pregnant with Tye. In the last few months I have had a few again. I'm not sure if it's stress or age. Maybe a little of both. All I know for sure is that I won't get pregnant again to get rid of them. Advil Liquid-gels is my new best friend.

Something To Throw Away - Mittens. It almost never gets cold enough here to need mittens. This winter is the exception, though.

Something You Shout - MOM!!! OK. I don't shout it, but I hear it. Often!

There you go. I found some of these quite difficult. You probably don't need me to tell you that, the words speak for themselves. I didn't realize how difficult it would be to come up with so many M words. I would tag a couple of people, but when I check my blogs every morning, I don't think too many people even read them very often, let alone post anything. So, I won't. Just . . . I hope you found this entertaining.


Christine said...

I can just wee you with your Monkeys Lunch watching mud wrestling in Melbourne. Can I come. I bet it is warmer there than it is here. You did a great job on this tag. You don't give yourself enough credit. I was very entertained. Thanks. :)Oh...John gets to come home either tomorrow or Thursday.

Christine said...

Oh bother! Not wee! SEE! LOL!

Christine said...

I am going to tag you guys more. Did you read Susan's? That was good too.

Becky said...

Aunty Susan did it too? I better head over there. (It's so nice to see your blog being USED.)

M.K. said...

A mini-van!!!! for free!!!!!

Sue said...

Aahhhh... the Beach Hut...a Pina Colada Screamer and nobody yelling Mom or it's mine. Sounds like a good way to spend the afternoon to me.

Good Post. Fun too, EH?

Margaret said...

It was fun to do this post. Thanks Chris.

Becky. Shame on you. Did you come here just to find out if anyone else posted? LOL

Avaelyn said...

What the heck is with Mickey Mouse Micheal the police man?!?!?!!!!

I wear mittens almost every day. For two reasons: They are my fantastic kitty ones and go with my hat, and I'm kinda wimpy.