Monday, March 10, 2008

Westin Bayshore, Here I Come!

I am looking forward to this weekend. You may ask why, so I will tell you. I am going to Vancouver for a Special Ed Teachers Convention. We stay at the Westin Bayshore Inn. You should look it up online. It is a very nice Hotel right on the water, overlooking Stanley Park. They serve amazing food, they have amazing rooms with amazing beds, and best of all, I don't have to take care of any children. Not one. Only me. We get a wine and cheese social on Thursday evening with loads of appetizers and one free glass of wine. you can stay inside or go to the huge terrace and sit around while the waiters come around with trays of food. You can buy more wine or other drinks after your first glass or you can have amazing fruit drinks. And did I mention there won't be any children? Last year we went out for dinner on Friday night and had such a good time. This year there are more of us going, which will only make the time away from the convention more fun. I am praying for good weather for those three days. The weather network is saying it is going to rain, but they have been known to be wrong on the odd occasion, as we all know. I am praying for good weather, anyway. Even if it rains the whole time, it will still be a magnificent three days. No kids! Yay!! I will take some pictures of the room and surroundings and put them on Facebook. I might even shock all of you who read this and post them on here. Or I might just come home feeling so rested that I will blog about something totally unrelated.
Anyway, I am really looking forward to going to Vancouver. Jack told me that I have been sad and angry and stressed for a long time so I am hoping this will help me to feel a little less stressed. So, that's all for today.


Avaelyn said...

Oh, exciting! That sounds awesome, I hope that you have a good time and you can come home feeling relaxed and de-stressed. :D

Margaret said...

Thanks, Carrie. That's kind of what I am hoping for, too.

Christine said...

No kids at all!!! Yup! Dance Dance
Have a great convention. :)

Margaret said...

Thanks, Chris. I am going to.

Sue said...

I hope you have a great weekend. Sounds like fun! Leave your cell phone off and you'll have even a better time.