Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I hate doing laundry. I mean I really hate doing laundry. Most of all I hate putting it away. I wash it, fold it and put it in the laundry basket to bring to where it belongs and then . . . I just run out of motivation. I would rather rearrange my basement, clean the bathroom, wash windows, almost anything besides laundry. But, I did laundry today. Five loads of towels and sheets. I have the last load in the dryer as I write this. All the other loads are folded and in a laundry basket and on neatly folded stacks on the coffee table in my living room, waiting to be put away. It would help if I had a proper place to put them. I would, too, if I had a good place to store all my small appliances and other kitchen gadgets, but I had to store these in the linen closet because it's just outside of the kitchen. So my linen closet is full of small appliances and kitchen gadgets. I like kitchen gadgets and small appliances. I mean I really like them. But I digress. this is about why my laundry is neatly folded in my living room. Oops. It's not even about that. It's about me hating laundry. This is one thing I did NOT inherit from my mother. She loves doing laundry. She will go around asking people if they have laundry to do. I know that you all know how much she loves doing laundry. Dad used to say that she wouldn't even wait for him to get his socks off at night before she was taking them to the laundry room.
So, you might wonder why I am posting about laundry. Well, my Mom is coming here tomorrow and is staying for just over a month. I did not want her to come over and head straight for my laundry room and start washing towels. So I am depriving her of one of her greatest joys and doing something I hate. Why am I doing this? Because even though I am over 50, I still look for my mother's approval. Weird. I don't so much in other areas, but this is one area that I do. I'm not a great gardener and Mom loves it, but it doesn't matter if she thinks I'm a loser in this area. Just my laundry. I think I might need some therapy regarding this.


Becky said...

She did laundry at the hospital in Seattle. :) Folded some stranger's clothes, which the stranger almost cried over when she found it. So sweet.

Margaret said...

Really? that is so hilarious. And sweet. What a wonderful lady she is.

footsack said...

I really don't mind laundry at all! I could do it all day. Now ironing..that I HATE!!!

Sue said...

I don't mind doing Laundry either. I am a first class procrastinator though so that sometimes gets in my way. I actually would like to own a laundromat. Weird I know!
I remember being without a washing machine for about 4 months from beginning of Nov 1994 to the end of Feb 1995. 3 teenagers!!!! I did alot of laundry in my bathtub.
I'd put in a bunch of jeans and get in there with my bare feet and stomp the dirt out of them. A good stress reliever too, when your mad as stink because you have no money to get a new machine and no money to go to the laundromat.
So yah! I think I like doing laundry! Just not very often. hee! hee!

Avaelyn said...

I really don't mind laundry at all. I just REALLY wish that I had a dresser. I love folding clothes, but I HATE hanging them up. What a pain. I want a dresser so badly!! What I DO really hate doing as far as household chores: vacuuming. I despise vacuuming. Kyle does it because he doesn't mind. I don't know what it is, but it's so frustrating, I just get angry. My face sweats, and when I bump the vacuum into something I just rage and want to smash the vacuum into it as hard as I can and yell. And I also don't like cleaning the bathroom, but I also don't like other people doing it because they never seem to do it "right" (in my opinion). It's awful.

Claudia said...

I hate laundry ... HATE IT!
And I honestly believe it breeds ... our piles get bigger and bigger and bigger and you think:"When in the heck did this get bigger?" ... they breed, I tell ya, they breed!!