Friday, November 06, 2009

VIA Rail, here I come.

I am going to Victoria this week to spend a day and a half with my good friend Rhea. She and her husband Brent are flying here from Calgary for Brent's best friend's wedding. So I am taking the train to Victoria to spend time with Rhea while Brent is busy with Tim. We are going to have so much fun. We are going to Craigdurrock Castle,

And the inside foyer

And Hatley Castle

We might find time to go to the inner Harbor, but by that time I might be ready to lay down and die so we'll play it by ear. Taking the train from here to Victoria is only $18. It has been said that this train ride runs along some of the most beautiful country in Canada.

I am looking forward to finding out.


Becky said...


Me = Jealous.

Sue said...

That sounds like fun!!!! I want to do that next time I am out there.

footsack said...

Have fun!!!

Melanie said...

I want to do the train too! I've also never been to Hatley Castle