Friday, February 03, 2006

I've been tagged!

I had to spend some time reading other blogs before I could do this.

1. Four jobs I've had.
1. Waitress.
2. Special Care Aid ( at many, many places)
3. Teacher Assistant
4. Fostermom

2. Four movies I love.
1. Six days Seven Nights.
2. Ghost
3. Brave Heart.
4. What's Eating Gilbert Grape

3. Four Places I've Lived.
1. Martensville
2. High Level, AB
3. Calgary
4. Qualicum Beach. (this is by far the best move I ever made)

4. Four TV Shows I watch. (I just got TV back after 11 months of nothing so I'm not sure.)
1. Dr. Phil. (I need him. What can I say)
2. Reba (The funniest sit-com on TV)
3. CSI I like all three but the first is my favorite.
4. Law and Order - SVU

5. Four holidays.
1. Nowhere.
2. Nowhere
3. Nowhere
4. Nowhere. OK. It just feels like that when I read Mel's or Mitz's. LOL Now for real.

1. Vancouver (When I was living in Saskatoon and married to Bruce.)
2. The lake usually Loon Lake.
3. Souix Lookout, Ont. (I tokk Tye to see his dad when Tye was 1 year old)
4. Radium Hot Springs for Easter the year we lived in Calgary.

6. Dishes I love.
1. Mom's cabbage borscht
2. Farmer sausage, perogies and cream gravy.
3. Vietnamese food at the Saigon in Saskatoon.
4. Buffalo steak done on Ken's barbeque.

7. Sites I visit
1. Blogs of course. Just like every one of you.
2. Jobbank
3. The food network
4. The Weather Network.

8. Four people I tag.
1. Tye
2. If there is still someone out there who has not been tagged. Consider yourself tagged now.


Chloe said...

Hooray!! You're back! So glad to hear from you!!

Carol said...


Good to see ya in the blog neighborhood. I finally got my blog up, and now I just have to figure out how to get some pics posted there, but I have Carrie here at the time....and here I thought I was a little bit on the technological side, and then they go and change things!!!!

Avaelyn said...

I know how you feel about the vacation thing... Compared to Melanie and Auntie Mitz... even my mom!... I've been nowhere... three provinces, and I've lived in them!

Mmm.. farmer sausage... but it has to be from Saskatchewan, because it's the BEST!! My dad talks about the good food at Saigon, too.. I missed out, apparently...

Carol said...

I had the same problem trying to log something on Becky's blog yesterday and Mitz's I think....I know there were 2 of them I could not get into....will try them agin today and see if there is still the same problem.....and let you know

the trav said...

does tye have a blog? what is it?

Carol said...

Ok, I have to learn how to spell check before I post comments.....sheeeeeeeeesh....anyway I had no problems accessing the blog sites today.

Margaret said...

Yes, Trav, Tye does have a blog. The name of it is...are you ready?...Tyler Braun. Isn't that as great name? Took a lot more thought than "The Braun Bunch" or even "Love From a Fat Man" I have to figure out how to put all my contacts on my page. Then you could just click on that. I'll get him to comment on your page and then you can just click on his name.
Oh, it is good to be back.