Monday, February 06, 2006

I've had a malfunction.

Apperently blogspot has been having trouble. Yesterday I couldn't get on for a few hours and today the post I published yesterday has disappeared. So I will do it again.
I talked to Mom yesterday. Mavis is back in the hospital. She went for another CAT scan on Friday and the tumor they removed on Jan 2 had returned with a vengence and was now bigger than it was when first removed. Mavis didn't know what was going to happen except that they were going to start radiation immediately and schedule another surgury. She told Mom that she appreciated all of us praying. Mom gave me here phone number and mailing address so if any of you out there would like, you can call me.
Our family is so blessed. We have not lost one member to accident or illness. Dad has Parkinson's and that is the most serious illness we have had to deal with. I wonder how unimportant some of the "issues" we have would become if we were suddenly faced with the immenent death of one of our immediate family. Would we still see all the hurtfull things said or done in haste or without thought? Or would we suddenly see how much we value each other and how trivial these things really are. We are a family of 70 and we are all still speaking to each other. We have drifted apart in miles, but I would love to see all 70 of us together one more time. I haven't talked to Peter and Orla, Abe and Margaret, or Henry and Margaret in so long. The rest of you in Sk. I talk to here so I still feel connected, but it would be wonderful to see you, too.
So in closing I want to say how much I love my family. The rest of you have your in law family, also, but I have only one family and your it. So, if I have hurt any of you, I ask you to overlook my short-comings as I will do. I love you all way too much to lose you to a difference of oppinion.
I have become quite sappy with this post, but with Mavis being sick it has opened my eyes to how easily we can lose each other and how important it is to feel accepted and loved by your family.


Carol said...

You are so right. And it's shame sometimes how we tend to take things (and people) for granted.

It's a shame that it takes someone being sick to come to that realization. I think in our lives we all have regrets ( saying or doing something hurtful, or worst not doing anything at all.)

the trav said...

yeah... you need to come back out here for a visit.... love and miss you

Becky said...

I'm sending you a HUGE hug and a GREAT BIG smooch! I love you!

Margaret said...

OK. Now I;m sitting here trying to type a mesage, but *sniff* I can't see. *wailing*. I love you guys too.

Angtron said...

Hey, you know what? I've always thought of you as one of the most understanding and non-judgemental and accepting person. Giddy-up.

Melanie said...

I just called my mother and you and her and auntie Colleen are strolling through the park at Qualicum Beach, looking at all the rhodos bloom. I don't love you at all. Not right now. Just kidding. I too, have been thinking how lucky we all are to have each other, and this silly blogging thing. I feel like I'm getting to know my family all over again. It's great.