Friday, March 28, 2008

Gimme a Break.

I have had such a busy Spring Break that I am thinking, I need a break. Yes, I need a break from Spring Break. Don't get me wrong. I have had a great time. I'm just tired from all the fun. I'm sick, too, but I refuse to acknowledge it. I don't have time to wipe my nose or cough so I just don't have a runny nose and I don't cough. Talk about self control. Yeah, right. I should be so lucky. The part about not having time to be sick is true. The rest? All I can say is "cough cough" "sniff sniff" "I wanna go to bed". That last past is said with a nasal whine. Did you hear that?

My Spring Break started out with 3 day, 2 nights in Vancouver at the Teacher's Convention. We stayed at a 5 star hotel overlooking the Water, downtown and Stanley Park. The beds were amazing, the service was perfection, and hanging out with friends during and between workshops was pretty cool, too. We went to "The Old Spaghetti Factory" in Gastown for lunch one day. We walked along the sea wall during the one hour that we didn't have rain. It was quite relaxing. Then I went home.

First thing to do was a thorough house cleaning. After all, Tye was here and "in charge" while I was gone for 3 days and he is a guy, after all. So Monday I cleaned the house, Tuesday I did all my shopping, Wednesday' Thursday and Friday I tried to have some time with my kids and my Mom. Then on Saturday I went to the airport in Comox to pick up Brent and Rhea and their twins at the airport. About 10 kms before the exit into Courtney I noticed that my car was no longer heating. I checked my engine heat gauge and it showed just below 100* which is where it is supposed to be. Then I slowed down to take the exit and the needle suddenly jumped to the red line. I pulled over and I could hear the fluid bubbling. Now I was still about 20 minutes from the airport and my car broke down. The first thing I did was call Tye in Nanaimo, who dropped everything and came flying, and I mean flying, to my rescue. I tried to call the airport to see if I could get a message to Rhea, but all I got was voice messages. Then I called Carolyn for some numbers for tow trucks and arranged to have my car towed. Just at that time, a good Samaritan pulled up and drove me to the airport. Tye got there about 15 minutes after me. We had a few days with Brent and Rhea, but couldn't take them anywhere because my car was parked in Comox and the van doesn't seat 10 people. So we went to a few places close by and the rest of the time we stayed around town or at the beach. On Monday I took them to the train station and then had the rest of the day and the next day to spend with Mom and my kids. Then on Wednesday I picked up my friend Marge Giesbrecht, at the Nanaimo airport. She is going home tomorrow around noon and then I get to spend a few days with my kids and see my Mom again for a few days before I start back to school.

So, I need a break from my break.

On another note, which you Saskatchewanians are going to enjoy and you BCers aren't going to believe. Yesterday, I was going to take my friend Marge to the Cathedral Grove and got just past the gas bar at Whiskey Creek. It started to snow! I'm not talking about a few flakes that were rain and then turned a little flaky. I'm talking big, white, heavy snowflakes, and lots of them. I stopped my car and decided that I didn't want to get caught in a white out. I took some pictures with my phone, which didn't do it justice, and turned around to go home. As I turned around and started to drive the snow disappeared. I looked back at a wall of white. Again, I took a picture with my phone, but you can't tell what it was supposed to be. I am so ticked! Snow in March! Lots of snow, not just a few flakes. It stuck to my windshield and to the grass at the side of the road. To top it all off, as i am sitting here writing this I looked out the window and, you guessed it, SNOW! What in the world is happening? I feel like I am back in Saskatchewan! I think they should change the name of this province to British Saskatchewan. B.S. Yeah. That's it. "Where do you live?" "I live in Qualicum Beach, B.S." That's all I've got to say.

Gimme A Break!


trav said...

my favorite part... qualicum beach, BS... lol a lot

C.F.P in Okotoks said...

Hey what about us Albertans? Actually we haven't had snow for awhile. Knock on wood!

footsack said...

I would tell you to quit your whining but you have a cold so go ahead but the snow?? A few flakes stuck to my car but they were all gone in about an hour. I went for a drive all over Qualicum and Parksville and there wasn't a flake to be seen.
Where do you live again??

I was also shocked at the snow but I also knew that in an hour or so there wouldn't be a sign of it so I even got out of bed....sigh.....

Margaret said...

I have pictures of the coating on my neighbors house as well as my car. I will post them on facebook today, then I will call you and prove that my sob story is actually true.

Avaelyn said...

I'm glad that you had a good time on spring break, but I hate it when you feel like to need a break after your break. :P

All this snow IS B.S.

jude said...

Snow??? That is so funny!! Thats what you get for moving out there in the first place!! Should have stayed here honey! LOL!! Missing you lots and lots!

Christine said...

The snow? Global warming.