Tuesday, November 03, 2009


There are many opinions about dating sites out there. To some it is a place to meet people and maybe, if you're lucky, find a person you could date, get to know, and again, if you're lucky, actually get married to. To others it is a shopping mall for sexual predators. To others, still, it is a multitude of desperate people to pick up, use, abuse and toss aside. BUT, to some, very select people it is a chance to find their soul mate.

My son, Tyler has been thinking of the whole possibility of getting a "girlfriend" and maybe, some day, getting married. Last year at school, he met a girl at university he thought might be that girl. Her name is Ruth, she's a Christian and she lived in his building. He tried. He talked to her every chance he got, he even drove her to her Bible camp (where she worked for the summer) in Cowichan, but no luck. So this summer, he went on e-harmony on one of their free weekends. The way e-harmony works is, you have to fill out a very lengthy, detailed questionnaire about yourself and the person you are looking for. Then there are 5 steps to go before you even get to email each other. If both parties are not quick to respond to each other the weekend is over and you lose the opportunity to connect. Thankfully, for Tye, they both were quick enough to get to the email section before the end of the weekend. And that is how he met Joy.
Joy is exactly what Tye has been looking for in a woman. She is a very strong Christian, loves the outdoors, hiking, climbing, camping, swimming, snowboarding and even white water rafting. She is a little shy, but opens right up when she gets to know you. She isn't a girly-girl who likes all the attention focused on her. She almost never wears dresses or make-up. She has long strawberry blond, almost red hair and freckles. Tye said it was as if God looked around the planet and found Joy for him.

So does e-harmony work? It would seem so. So I got to thinking...maybe I should give it a try. So I joined and . . . nothing. Three profiles were sent my way and they all live in either Washington State or Vancouver. None of them are willing to relocate and neither am I, at least not to either of those places. So I'll wait until the year is up and then maybe I could be in a TV commercial telling about the ones that don't work. I think I should have stuck to the free weekend.


.melanie. said...


that's all :)

Avaelyn said...

I've definitely been one of those who is skeptical of dating sites. I had always thought they were people who were pathetic. KEY WORD: HAD. It's different when you see someone you know have it work out SO WELL for them. I'm really happy for Tye. YAY!

footsack said...

Glad to see it works for someone. I think the commercial about it not working would be hilarious!!

Becky said...

Awe. I'm so happy for him. I love the name Joy don't you?

I say if at first you don't succeed try try again, by the way.

Christine said...

It does seem to work out for some people. Glad for you Ty. I've always wondered what they charge when it is not the free weekend. I watched a W5 show that said for older women it is really expensive. Seems mean to me that they would charge different people more than others.