Monday, November 02, 2009


I am doing this for Chris. I haven't blogged regularly in a long time, so I may miss a day or two, but I will do my best.

My son, Jack was almost stranded in Sask. He went there for John's funeral with David and Carolyn and now they have been sick for the last week. Also, Jack was exposed to a confirmed case of the Swine Flu while staying at Jake and Colleen's when Emily got sick. That means that he could get sick while on the way home in the van. David and Carolyn are quiet convinced that their kids, as well as Carolyn and possibly David, have all had it over the past week. The kids displayed almost all of the symptoms. So they aren't too worried about being exposed, but if Jack got sick while in the van, he would have to doctor himself. If he stays at Mom's until the possibility of having the Swine flu passes then he could fly here with her, unless he is still sick...or there is also the possibility that Mom could have caught it on the weekend. Do you see my dilemma? He is also missing work which has been quite and ordeal for Carrie, since she is picking up the slack for him.
So I went online to book him a flight to come home with Mom on the 11th, but couldn't get on the phone with Westjet and when I went online I needed Mom's user name and password, which she couldn't remember. So I called David to talk to him and it looks like their biggest worry is that if Jack gets really sick on the way home, how to best deal with that. Jack said to just take him out of the way somewhere and shoot him, because he doesn't want the test for the Swine flu. (Up the nose with a long, long Q-tip.) Now it looks like he will be leaving tomorrow morning and arriving home on Wednesday. Unless Cadence is still running a fever. They will take it day by day. I'm so sorry Carrie. I wish I could come and do his shift. Not really, but kind of.


Christine said...

I will pray that it will pass him by. I am wondering if we all had it. Angela did get tested but has not heard a thing so we figure that no news is good news although is we knew for sure all the kidlets would not have to get immunized. Where do they figure that Emily picked it up from?

Avaelyn said...

I know this isn't the happiest post, but... the fact that everyone is posting again just makes me oh so happy.

I really hope that Emily gets better soon! When I heard she was in the hospital... scary! And YES I have been picking up his slack. I have to CLOSE, which I hate doing. And lost my 10-4 shifts. :( I told Jack I'm taking all of his for a while. I'm looking forward to having him back... and not just because the scheduling.

I've had to have the nasal canal swab, and I hated it as well. But I was so sick, I just wanted to be better. It's just the most awful feeling, kind of like you have to sneeze for the whole time, but you never actually do. And you feel so... violated somehow. Things were not meant to be in there.

Margaret said...

I don't know where Emily got it, but I would assume she got it from school.
Carrie, Me and all my kids had to have it in 1998 when Tye had Whooping Cough. It is exactly how you describe it. Right down to feeling somehow violated.