Monday, November 30, 2009

Last Day of November. YAY!

I have never done this posting every day for a whole month before. Oh. Wait. I didn't do it now either. :) I did try, though, and that was hard enough.
So my last day and what do I have to say. Susan wrote a beautiful post about sisters, although some of it was a total fabrication. I could do one too, with pictures that would show a side to them they may not want broadcast . . . but, payback's a bi...t hard to take, so that's ruled out. What can I say?
Hmmm. OK. I have something!
Our church is candidating a new Worship leader. I don't remember his name, but he was really good. I really hope they hire him. It would be nice to have the same worship leader every Sunday.
Hmm . . . What else. OH!
Tyler's girlfriend, Joy Patterson is coming to visit us on Dec 5th. She is only staying for the weekend, but I am really looking forward to talking to her face to face instead of on the phone or the computer. Then in January Tyler is moving to Calgary. He will be living with a friend of Joy's and going to school at DeVry University. I am going to miss him like crazy. He has never lived that far away from home before. It is going to be hard not seeing him every weekend or at least every second weekend. He has been such a support to me for so many years, but never more so than the last few months since I got hurt. He was amazing.
OK. Now I am feeling sad and don't want to write anymore. I need to think of something more cheerful or I am going to quit altogether.
OK. I've been sitting here trying to come up with something cheerful to write about and . . . nothing! What a pathetic life. LOL So, since Susan stole my great idea I just can't come up with anything. So I guess I'll just say Goodnight and I'll write again next month.


footsack said...

It's next month already!
What are you waiting for?

Anonymous said...

yeah mang!
get on it....lazy

Sue said...

Stole your Great Idea??????

I'll have you know I started that blog in April. I know, I know. I am a bit slow. It was the month when the Naplabomo thing was the letters of the alphabet. I got to B-brothers and started doing the sister one for when I got to S. Never did the ones inbetween though. SO I no longer try to do the blog a day thing.

Wow Tyler is moving away? Freaky! Good for him though. What is he taking in University?